Maleri Collection

A collection of artwork that are simply antything but only Maleri. The artists heritage is mixed however her grandmothers parents came to the United States from Norway thus the incorperation of the language into her collections. In Norwegian the world Maleri is comparable to English word Painting. The artist dedicated a collection of artwork that was created around popular icons, themes or works that did not fit into other collections, all that held greater meaning than just a simple painting( Maleri). To collect a piece in this collection head to SHOP! To commission artwork please head to CONTACT or email the artist directly at Please allow 1-2 months creation time depending on the seasonal demand. 
To view the full artwork and is materials please click on the image!

  1. Adderall
  2. Audrey and the Pigmy Rabbit
    Audrey and the Pigmy Rabbit
  3. Ink
  4. Grace
  5. Ink
  6. Charles Darwin as Amun
    Charles Darwin as Amun
  7. This Too Shall Pass
    This Too Shall Pass
  8. Transformation
  9. Salon D' Shayn
    Salon D' Shayn
  10. Sweet Treat
    Sweet Treat