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No Kill Shelters and Pounds 

     "I think that my loves for animals is just as great as my love for art. In fact, sometimes, I think that the two are what make my life whole, and what my life revolves around. I think you can see that in my artwork," Freitas states as she thumbs through photographs of Apollo. "He started this whole journey with me," she says as her eyes water. 
       Freitas moved from Wisconsin to Arizona to attend ASU for art school at the age of 18 years old. She worked full time while attending college so by the age of 21 she purchased her first home, had obtained her associates degrees, and adopted Apollo. " I was so excited to get a dog, and the stars just lead me to him," she says with a smile. Months later Apollo would be diagnosed with Addisons disease. "Anyone who has had a dog with Addisons knows how hard it can be. The up's and down's and never really knowing if this is it or how long your friend will make it to. So many people told me to put him down, but that was not even an option for me. Apollo was such a kind soul and no matter how hard his fits of sickness would get him down within days he would be running around like a puppy again."
     Freitas and Apollo fought many battles together and for 7 years they would always make it through together. Then one day changed, and Apollo did not get better. Freitas launched a campaign via social media desperate to help Apollo at any cost. "It was amazing to see the suppourt that we got and it really changed my perception on humanity." Apollo sadly did not make it but with is passing he taught Freitas one last lesson. The kindness of others in need, and even more so how Artwork can make a change. So from this darkness came light, and the Pet Portraits for Apollo Project. 

     Are you a no kill shelter or pound, love animals, art and the environment? If you would like to team up click the link below to learn more and sign up for the project!
   Do you know a small shelter or organization that helps animals find homes or providers foster families? Pet Portraits for Apollo was created to work with foundations to both help people preserve the memory of their best friend while helping to fund these organizations through partial profits from these paintings. 
     The Project was started to save Apollo but he had a bigger plan, so save thousands more, and preserve the memory of him, and all the other fur babies out there! If you you were referred by one of these organizations please do not forget to tell us before the project starts. 
     If you are here becuase a lovely and kind foundation directed you here for a portrait of your forever friend while helping others find their forever homes then you are in the right place! 25% of the profits from your portrait will go to the foundation you were referred from!
   Also as of for now the pricing on the pet portaits will stay at what they were as of 08.14.2017 regaurdless of the increase in value of other works! Anyways enough about all that,
to get your forever friends custom portrait please head to the link below and make sure to list the foundation that reffered you uder the ORDER NUMBER section of the form!
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