Commissioned Artwork

         This is a catalog of commissioned artwork which are currently in private collections around the world. Please click on the work to see the full image, its size and details. If you would like to commission your our custom work for your home, office or commerical property please feel free to email the artist at [email protected] or head to the CUSTOM ART INQUIRY page.

  1. Angel
  2. Before you Go
    Before you Go
  3. Annabel Lee
    Annabel Lee
  4. Bubbles
  5. Frida and Her Flowers
    Frida and Her Flowers
  6. Glitter Jaguar
    Glitter Jaguar
  7. Flight
  8. The Pills
    The Pills
  9. Hjorten Og Manen
    Hjorten Og Manen
  10. Guardian
  11. Buckhorn Bath
    Buckhorn Bath
  12. Silver Wolf
    Silver Wolf
  13. Taco Tits
    Taco Tits
  14. The Pineapple and the Moon
    The Pineapple and the Moon
  15. The Raven
    The Raven
  16. A Wedding to Remember
    A Wedding to Remember
  17. Love
  18. Slumber
  19. St. Lawrence
    St. Lawrence
  20. The Monarchs Milkweed
    The Monarchs Milkweed
  21. Xerces Blue II
    Xerces Blue II
  22. Leap
  23. Be Still and Know That I Am God
    Be Still and Know That I Am God
  24. Bumble
  25. Navy Anchor
    Navy Anchor
  26. Strawberry Martini
    Strawberry Martini
  27. The Mermaid and The Dove
    The Mermaid and The Dove
  28. Audrey Mom Mode
    Audrey Mom Mode
  29. I Surrender All
    I Surrender All
  30. Sun Frog
    Sun Frog
  31. Zippy
  32. Hear No Evil Frida
    Hear No Evil Frida
  33. See No Evil Frida
    See No Evil Frida
  34. Tinder Best Seller
    Tinder Best Seller
  35. Speak No Evil- Frida
    Speak No Evil- Frida