Heather Freitas

     It is said that one person can not change the world, but it is with my deepest hopes that my artwork can.-Heather Frietas 

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        If you would like a custom piece of art to specificly fit your space and decor please fill out the form below. Artwork is priced by size. Pricing list is below. Please note that shipping is not included in these quotes. Shipping is free on works 12x24inch and up to the United States. Please fill out the required information below and in the subject line please state the size that you would like along with details about the work you would like commissioned. If this is for a pet portrait or any comission that requires an image attachment please email this information directly to [email protected]  Please note that the turn around time varries by size but usually runs from 4 to 6 weeks. We aim to respond to your inqury within 24 hours.

      Price list (works on canvas):

•8x8in $250     •8x10in $320     •10x10in $400     •9x12in $432     •12x12in $468     •11x14in $500     •12x16in $576    •10x20in $600     

•12x24in $792     •16x20in $880     •20x20in $1,100     •18x24in $1,188     •20x24in $1,320     •24x24in $1,584     •16x40in $1,760

•24x30in $1,900     •24x36in $2,376     •24x48in $3,168     •30x40in $3,300     •36x36in $3,564     •36x48in $4,752     •48x48in $6,336

•48x60in $7,920